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What's Your Credit Score?  Why Is It Important To Know? 

We’re you aware that when you apply for a mortgage, loan etc the lender is not allowed to tell you what your actual score is?

They are only able to tell you whether you qualify. So why is it so important to know the actual number? Banks, credit card companies etc loan you money based on that score. The higher the score, the better. For example, most lenders for a mortgage want your score at least 680. For things like car loans, credit cards over 625. You can simply log onto to find out your score today. You can pay a one-time nominal fee to find out your score right now, or you can pay a monthly fee to have your credit monitored. Why would you want to monitor your credit score? In this day an age identity theft is a real growing concern. You can sign up for fraud alerts and be notified of any suspicious activity. Thieves can use basic personal information such as your name, address and social insurance number for open up accounts for credit cards and loans. Start protecting yourself today.