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Is There A Way To Tell If A Property Has An Offer On It On

The answer is no. The only way to find out this information is to contact a licensed professional like myself. I am often asked about the wording and or ID numbers on For example x1235690. Some people believe that means there is a conditional offer. That is actually an ID number for that listing with the Toronto Real Estate board. It does not indicate if there is an offer or not. Some other things worth mentioning is some common wording you may see such as “include schedule B with all offers”. That is often an indication that it is a power of sale (Bank Sale) and/or estate sales. Sometimes you may also see irrevocable for ie 48 hours. That is another indication that may have to go through a legal avenue before the sign back. I’m glad to answer questions like this for you. Maybe you have had a simple question you wanted to be answered about something in Real Estate. You just have to ask me!